Can You Get Fit Training With Resistance Bands Only?


Due to COVID19, many have opted for home workouts.


Let’s look at four aspects of using resistance bands…


1. Why use resistance bands (RB’s)?

2. How do RB’s work?

3. When should you use RB’s?

4. Types of RB’s 




What’s easier while being stuck at home during COVID19; a bag of mixed RB’s that weigh maybe up to 5 pounds, or a set of dumbbells and barbells that may sound like they’re crash through your 2nd story floor apartment?


I think the simple answer is the 5 pound bag of RB’s! You might be thinking, “Ok but how can a 5 pound bag of RB’s replace and be as effective as a set of dumbbells and a barbell?”


Well, if you’re a die-hard lifter like me, it can’t! There’s nothing like picking up heavy dumbbells and barbells, especially if you’ve been doing it for years. 


However, if you’re not like me and just want a great workout while stuck at home during this pandemic, RB’s are AWESOME!!! Best of all, they produce muscular results just like dumbbells and barbells. You’re neighbors living down below will love you more too!


RB’s are safe to use. Experiment and drop one on your foot? I can’t tell you how many times over the years I’ve dropped small barbell plates on my poor toes! There’re still dangers lurking while using RB’s. Let’s take a look and remedy them.


a. The anchor attaching the RB to the door can malfunction by either the door coming open while the band is stretched performing an exercise.


Remedy: Examine the door anchor and make sure it doesn’t have any breaks in it’s construction. If so, replace with a new one. Make certain that the door your RB is attached to using the anchor is LOCKED! I like to attach my anchor on the door near the door hinges, not on the door knob side. Added safety is wise.


b. The band breaks and snaps you on the head or worse yet, your eye. 


Remedy: This is a simple fix. Examine all your RB’s weekly. If you see ANY cuts in the RB whatsoever, discard and replace with a fresh RB. RB’s can last a long time if you care for them properly. More on that in a moment.




Simply by providing resistance to working muscles. Just like dumbbells and barbells. But, in a different type of way.


RB’s are safe in that they provide variable resistance throughout the range of motion while performing an exercise.


Let’s take a simple arm bicep curl for example. You are more vulnerable to injury at the bottom third of the exercise than at the top two thirds. It’s usually while under load with dumbbells and barbells at the bottom third of an exercise when injury occurs. I can attest to this as it’s happened to me. At the top two thirds, your muscle tissues and tendons are at their strongest and thus safer position.


RB’s are great in regards to this situation because they provide variable resistances during the execution of the exercise. At the bottom third, the RB provides less resistance putting less stress on the muscle tissue and tendon. At the top two thirds, the RB provides it’s greatest stress/resistance. That’s why the term “variable”. 


Think of it like this. As the RB is stretched further apart, the resistance increases, placing more stress to the working muscles. RB’s are much easier on the joints of your body. Pretty cool stuff uh?!




The simple answer is when you want to. I’ve switched from dumbbells and barbells to RB’s when stuck at home during the pandemic. Another good time to use RB’s is when traveling. You’ll hardly notice a difference in your luggage weight when you pack. Funny, I just got a visual trying to pack a few heavy dumbbells.


I predict that more personal trainers will use more RB’s working with their clientele. I’ve tried lugging dumbbells to my clients home and I’ve taken a bag of RB’s as well. Believe me, the former stays now and the latter wins out!




There are several types of RB’s you need to be familiar with. I like them all, but more favorable to the Super or Monster bands. Just my preference. You try them and decide for yourself. Click on each below to see the differences and a description for for each. 


a. Mini bands CLICK HERE

b. Super or Monster bands CLICK HERE

c. Tubing with handles CLICK HERE

d. Door anchor CLICK HERE


If you’ve never trained with RB’s, I’d like to encourage you to try it for several workouts. Several, because you need many sessions to get familiar with them and how to use them. If you’re interested in getting started with RB’s, Mitchell Fitness Systems can help you! Just give us a call of fill out the form by CLICKING HERE.


Below are some of the places you can purchase RB’s. As always, I’m here to help with any questions, comments, or concerns. Be well and be healthy! CLICK HERE CLICK HERE


So, in answer to my headline question, “Can you get fit training with exercise bands only?” Yes, you definitely can! You can increase your lean muscle mass with RB’s. You can meet your goals to either increase strength, muscular endurance, or both. You can also increase aerobic capacity by using RB’s by using circuits and HIIT training (more later on HIIT).


While stuck at home during COVID19 pandemic, get your little bag of awesome RB’s out and have some great productive workouts!

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