Coach Thomas

Level I Coach

For the Best Personal Training in Torrance!

Hi my name is Thomas and I've been a personal trainer since 2013. Helping people reach their health and fitness goals is what I like to do. I'm passionate about not just facilitating smart and efficient workouts but also teaching my clients how to do it on their own. Maybe not the best business model but I want my clients to have success not just while they are working with me, but for the rest of their lives. Some non-work things that I enjoy are cooking, going to the beach, hiking, building computers, and playing video games. I enjoy doing these things most when accompanied by my wife Michelle, and my dog Bomi.

Thomas is the son of Trent and Vicki Mitchell and so, it makes sense that he has been involved in fitness to one extent of the other his whole life thus far! He's learned proven skills and techniques of personal training that get the best response in short periods of time and that keep the client safe and motivated. "My goal is to help people realize their true potential and reach their fitness goals. I'm excited to be on-board here a Mitchell Fitness Systems and will do whatever it takes to be the best coach for all our valued clients. "Thomas is pretty much the "glue" that keeps everything running smoothly at Mitchell Fitness, especially when it comes to web site, internet, social media, and all the stuff his parents are afraid to do!


Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)