Exercise Library 4

High knee to Superman

High knee to back step lunge with 1-arm row

Back step lunge core press

Back step lunge hold with core press

Back step lunge with reach and rotation

Cobra to Praying Child

Facing away kneeling abdominal crunch

Hinge to row combo (LA)

Staggered step hinge

Kneeling medium to high cross chop (MA)

Kneeling high to low cross chop (HA)

Kneeling prisoner rotation

Side lunge

Overhead hold with Squat (HA)

Quadruped back rotation

Side lunge with cross chop combo (HA)

Facing anchor side lunge with straight arm cross chop (HA)

Stationary side lunge

Squat to row combo (MA or HA)

Stand high to low straight arm cross chop (HA)

Stand low to high straight arm cross chop (LA)

Stand core press

Stand straight arm core rotation (MA)

Overhead press

Supine bridge hold with alternate leg extension

Supine bridge with crunch combo

Supine 1-leg ham stretch

Supine pigeon stretch

Supine rotation hip and lumbar stretch

Reach up with rotational lunge