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"How to Stay Motivated, Rethinking Your WHY"

Learn about the benefits to a healthy life!

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Each of the following discussions are great for 20-30 minute "lunch & learn", or any guest speaking occasion relating to health & fitness!

"Why Lift Weights?"

Trent will discuss how bio-markers of aging are affected by using a simple, safe, and time saving strength training program. Using the principles within his book, Unlock the Five Doors to Your Best Body, Trent will motivate and inspire by presenting the 'positives' of incorporating healthy fitness habits into ones life!

"How to Be Healthy and Fit

in Only 36 Hours"

This discussion will dive into the biggest excuse people have on why they can't exercise...TIME! It's a 30 minute hard-hitting and to-the-point motivational look on how to allocate and utilize anyone's busy schedule to fit in a portion of time to realize a quite sizable return on their investment!

"Your Best Body"

(Body, Mind & Spirit)

This presentation is based primarily on three areas

of health & fitness, including...

1. Exercise SOME of the time

2. Eat healthy MOST of the time

3. Pursue God ALL of the time

Trent will break down complicated health & fitness information into easy to understand concepts applicable for personal health and wellness. Trent will also give his personal testimony of how God has radically changed his life over the last few years.

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