Is there a BEST Diet Plan to Follow?

The most frequent request I get is for a specific eating plan to follow. If it were that easy, every one of you would have one. 


The truth is that it’s not that easy. When I first began my journey as a personal trainer, it took many hours putting food programs together for my clientele. Although happy to receive them and very grateful; no one actually followed it!

Not even most of the time. 


That’s when I knew something else was going on…with food.  There are so many variables to consider with a person’s food habits. The biggest being the emotional side. If you find yourself yet again at the fork in the road, check this out…


Early in our life, others begin to initiate the kinds of food we eat, how much we eat, and how often we eat. Habit’s are formed first by a cue or trigger, then there is the routine involved to make what we’re triggered to do, happen. The pay-off is the reward. This cyclic happening is played out thousands of times until we find ourselves, each one of us, where we are! 


If where we are has created unhealthy results, one may hire a health care specialist such as a registered dietitian or certified weight management consultant, or even a personal trainer, to help correct bad eating behaviors. 


I think you get my point here. Fixing a bad diet, although certainly doable, is not easy. And, I don’t care what you’ve read or heard from the so-called experts; it will take a dose of discipline.  


If you’re currently struggling with your diet, join the club! Lots of us either have or currently do. I’d like to suggest some things to consider. 




There have been too many evidence based scientific studies done to show that journaling works. Not on your Smartphone APP, but actually writing it down with pencil and paper. 




Make an appointment with your doctor and find out if you’re thyroid and adrenal glands are functioning normally. As well as other blood panels that may reveal as problematic.  




What’s in your kitchen? Does it have the cooking tools and items that would suggest how you habitually eat? If I opened your cabinets and refrigerator, would you be embarrassed by what I might find? 


Cook. If you don’t know how, then learn. If this is too much for you right now, consider a food delivery service like Caring Cuisine owned and operated by my friend Cari. CLICK HERE for all the particulars. She makes some good tasting healthy food! By the way, I don’t get a kick-back or reward from her other than a “thank you”. And that’s all I need from Cari! She’s awesome.


Learn. Read books about how your body works and functions. I’m not talking about reading magazines devoted to every kind of crappy recipe that will do nothing for you but perpetuate your current issues. Be a student of what good eating habits look like. Our educational system, Onboard101 is a great place to start! CLICK HERE and check that out if you’ve not sign up yet. 


Plan. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Use the 5 P’s. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. 


Get help. Along with exercise and working on good eating habits, you may need to seek out help for emotional issues related to food. My good friend Diana Lipson-Burge, RDN, CEDRD can help you. CLICK HERE to set up a consult with her. 


80/20. The 80/20 rule applies here as it does in many other places. Practice healthy eating 80% of the time and you’ll get good results. The other 20% are those times when you don’t make the best decisions. Most have it 20/80 though! 


Start now. 2021 is only a few months away. What a great time to make a few healthy changes.  Especially on the heels of COVID19. 


As always, I’d like to know your thoughts about this subject. I’m always available for you. It’s my ongoing desire to help in any way I can. 

Choose to be healthy.

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