Since 1987, Mitchell Fitness Systems has been totally committed to helping people, just like you, live a healthy lifestyle through productive exercise, proper nutrition and positive motivation. We take it very seriously.

We consider you to be on your own special journey. And, it’s been our pleasure to take part and share the process with you.

However, lately, I’ve become increasingly aware that many new clients (members) are NOT at all prepared for this journey.

Oh, sure their suitcases are packed full of motivation and desire as well as a vision of their final destination... usually about 20-30 lbs lighter!

But, here’s the simple truth.

They don’t really know how their bodies actually function. Nor, do they fully understand the inseparable connection between activity, nutrition and metabolism -- and, how it all relates to body composition and overall health.

To that end, I recently invested in one of the most comprehensive, online educational platforms available. It’s called Onboard101.

Welcome to Onboard101...

Our new web-based platform uses videos, web pages, audio files and document downloads to explain everything from cardio and weight-training to protein, carbs digestion and stress. And, it’s all put forth in easy-to-understand lay terms. It’s NOT a bunch of technical “gobbledygook.”

I can’t begin to tell you how helpful and empowering this knowledge-based tool is -- most especially for new clients (members).

A course like Onboard101 can costs up to $600, but we're offering it for the outrageous price of only $59! Better yet, all new customers of MFS will receive Onboard101 complimentary with any regular membership purchase!

Onboard101 is a mandatory part of the MFS journey. We want our customers to learn about how their body works! I’m telling you this because 90% of my business is built on referrals. So, no doubt, this new mandatory requirement will be a consideration should you choose to refer someone to our studio.

I realize there will be resistance and I may lose some prospects because of it.

But, I look at it this way:

A lawyer would love to practice law without having to pass the bar exam. A doctor would probably love to skip the time and expense of medical school. Even I thought I knew enough about health and fitness before I became educated and certified (what an awakening)!

Well, the same holds true of the human body. You need to understand it before you can change it!

Yet, every year millions of people join a studio with the idea that just because they know how to put food in their mouths and can walk and chew gum… well, that’s all they really need to know before jumping into a fitness program.

This is a huge over-simplification.

And, to make matters worse, these same people are bombarded with misinformation from marketers of bogus diet programs, pills, powders and an assortment of quick-fix weight-loss schemes.

So, in a way, our new Onboard101 curriculum is a way to de-program the “dieting cult.”

It allows us to be on the “same page” with our new clients before they enroll in a holistic program based on real science and actual human physiology.

But it’s more than that...

Our Onboard101 platform will serve as your own online resource and knowledge base.

When I assessed the Onboard101 platform, I was amazed at how many times I returned to the curriculum in order to explain a complex process in simple terms.  We are true believers in having “answers at our fingertips!”

If you decide to enroll, I’m confident you’ll instantly see the value in having this tool at your command.

If you're a new customer of MFS, for the next two weeks, I’m offering the Onboard101platform to you complimentary with your membership. After this, it will cost $59.00. That's still a great price for this powerful educational system! Please take advantage of it.