Please Don’t Get Sucked Into the Black Hole Again!

Deceit is defined as…

“the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.”


A few days ago, a good friend sent me via email an advertisement from a very notable fitness expert. Basically it said (and I’ll paraphrase here to make myself feel better)…


Getting old sucks because you might have the disease know as Sarcopenia (Oh my, this sounds dreadful so far), it will keep you from doing the things you’d like to do, like getting up from a sitting position and opening a jar of pickles to ever having the energy to enjoy sex again (it just gets worse before it  gets better folks).


But, here’s the answer (states the fitness guru)…

The best part of all is I’ve found through extensive scientific study and personal experience; that you don’t even have to exercise! Just drink my scientifically proven  drink that will fix everything that is wrong with you! 


Oh, for goodness sake! Really?


Sarcopenia is a well known medical term that means “loss of lean muscle mass.” As we age, we lose lean muscle. When we lose muscle, we lose strength. Can anything be done about it?  Of course…it’s called exercise!


This particular “expert” knows that most people have more knowledge about how their iPhone works than their body. This marketing crap is so cyclic over the many years I’ve had to endure it and guess what? These LIES from the so called “experts” and “guru’s” still surface today! 



Because it still works!

Most people just don’t like to exercise and work at being healthier. We don’t want to eat healthy but choose to eat foods containing high amounts of white sugar and flour foods. I call them the “C” non-foods….Candy, cup-cakes, crackers, colas, and other crap!


Before you buy another product promising to make you lose 12 pounds in days, please understand this…




You can’t cheat yourself into a healthy and fit body, mind, and spirit. It takes discipline and rightly directed work to accomplish. It takes YOU deciding to follow through with the plan you set out for yourself and being consistent and persistent in order to achieve it.


Please remember that if a product or service makes a promise that seems too good to be true, it is. At some point, we have to stop getting sucked into another black hole! It’s the “pie in the sky”, the “something for nothing” mind-set! 


To the fitness guru from whom this latest false claim comes from…

No doubt you’ll win over the thousands of loyal followers you’ve gained over the years. They’ll buy your product, drink, pill, elixir, potion, or gadget in hopes of having the body they dream of. You’ll make millions and do well for yourself. Good for you!




You’ll again deceive those fine people, take their money, and give them something they don’t need…LIES!


My suggestion…


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