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23520 Telo Ave
Ste 3
Torrance, CA 90505

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Trent & Vicki are serious about personal training, but they combine it with a fun approach to make sure you have great workouts and enjoy being there!

Mark Olson

Trent is continually seeking new and innovative methods to improve and the workouts are always new, refreshing and challenging!

Larry Murakami, contractor

My exerience working out with other trainers has been extensive while giving me benchmarks for comparison. By far, MFS is the best!

Doris Mori, retired Ca Educational System

Trent's uncanny ability to know a client's limits and ability to push them there but not beyond. The result is success everyday you train with no injury.

Dr. Tom Storer

I'm never bored and look forward to the next session!

Linda Durkin, retired teacher

Working out with Trent has changed my life in more ways than I could say.

Stacey Kaats-Baksh, Cookin Stuff, Torrance

It's nice to either start or end your day with a good sweat with Trent!

Kate Liu

I've been especially impressed with your knowledge and ability to motivate me with your affable and friendly manner. Believe it or not, I look forward to my workout!

Bruce McGregor, McGregor & Ernenwein Law

In a relatively short time, I added 5 pounds and then 10 pounds of solid muscle to my frame. I felt stronger, looked better and had new physical confidence.

Dan Hovenstine, M.D.

After my back surgery, Trent showed me how to gain my strength and confidence back!

Phyllis Barrett, retired court reporter

Trent knows how to encourage me and challenges me towards my goals.

Greg Hubert, medical sales


I'm led to get the most out of each session with encouragement to achieve my goals while I'm being monitored to make sure I can handle it safely.

Ken Hovsepian, State Farm Insurance

The success I have had thus far has renewed my self confidence and given me the inspiration to continue. I haven't felt this way about exercise and fitness in a very long time!

Carol Burke

Outstanding ability to "relate" to all kinds of people!

Charles Tressler, The Tressler Group

You're motto, "Exercise is Medicine", is so true because when I workout it's like me taking my medication. Another great workout!

Marian Taguchi

I'll be honest, I hate working out. But, I know with an appointment, Trent will be waiting for me and I'll feel better having done it!

Don Lee, Farmers Insurance

I'm confident that my son Jamie is in the best possible care and know the workout is geared for his young needs.

Vince Long, business owner

One of the smartest things I've ever done!

Brad Culbertson, business owner

A unique individual that stands out in his field. I will continue to recommend him to my patients, family and friends.

Elizabeth Cannon, doctor of chiropractic

We have increased our stamina, sharpened our muscle tone, and heightened our awareness of food quality and quantity.

Dale & Laurie Marks, realtor & teacher

Trent has been pleasant to work with as well as challenging. I always feel better after a session and know the time was well worthwhile.

Howard Higholt, retired doctor

Mitchell Fitness' post rehab really helped my husband's shoulder heal and he is back playing racquetball.

Lorraine Shea, longshoreman

Trent gives me his undivided attention to each training session. I feel very fortunate to have made his acquaintance.

James Welch, real estate

I was having trouble lifting my grandchildren off the ground but now I can lift them with ease!

Lynn Pasley, retired business owner