Strength Through COVID19 Struggles


Has COVID19 knocked the snot out of you?


Being forced to stay at home can be a struggle and challenge for most of us. Beginning March of this year (2020), the way we live changed drastically.


Fitness was one of these big changes. We were forced to make the change from our fitness club or gym to finding ways to workout at home. Along with everything else we’ve had to deal with and make changes for, this one, I’m happy to report, is an easy fix.


One thing you should know is that when you care for your body and take good care of it, it may lead to both emotional and spiritual health as well. One could lead into the other if all the foundational pieces are in place in your life.


For example. If your life is mainly about your body and when and how you train, what you’ll eat, and what you’ll wear, you may want to take a look at your personal foundation. I’m not going to get “preachy” here, just offering a few thoughts for you to ponder if the stresses of life are pulling you down.


With anything worthy in life, regardless if you’re trying to build your body, a house, a business, or a career; you WILL have struggles and challenges. No doubt about it. It’s what you do with those struggles and challenges that will determine the outcome. 


If you’re having anxiety right now because of the pandemic; do you watch the news too much? If so, why? Ever heard of the old computer saying, “Junk in, junk out”? When a computer software application is fed bogus and incorrect information, it will in turn give us bogus and incorrect information. Junk in, junk out.


You work in like manner, except that the computer doesn’t have a soul, you do! Stop feeding on negative information! Stop snacking and eating full meals of the news. 99.9% of the time, it’s negative. It’s bogus and incorrect. Notice how it changes daily?


Instead, read and listen to positive things that you actually have control over. You and I do not have any control over a lot of things in life. But, we do have control over how we feed our brain and soul.


It pains me to see people feeling hopeless and helpless. My career is in the fitness industry, but I know how intertwined the body, mind, and spirit is. I’d love to help you get a different perspective on things. How level and solid your foundation is will determine the outcome of the struggles and challenges you face.


Vicki and I have noticed how COVID19 has made us look at what’s really important in our own lives. It’s forced us to spend a whole lot of time together! For us, it’s been fun, relaxing, and a time for us to reconnect with each other.


For some, it’s been a real tough struggle and challenge. So many changes. One being having to home school your kids maybe. That’s a big one right there by itself. That one change has forced you to learn how to teach your kids at home and provide a structured learning environment for them. It may have also effective your career in a profound way.


The bottom line to this read is…




If changes need to be made, make them. Go back to building a better foundation so that anything else you build from there will stand, even in the worse times of struggle and challenge.


My prayer for you is to allow God to work in your life. To reveal to you how to build your life on a solid foundation so that when other challenges (besides the pandemic) come and go, you’ll stand strong on this new foundation.


If COVID19 has knocked the snot out of you…


Turn off the TV or Internet, pick up a good positive book, go for a walk, get a great workout in, play and instrument, call some friends, pray and meditate, play a fun board game, sing a song, make a yummy dinner by yourself or with someone you love, and ask God to strengthen you through the struggles in life.





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  1. Kris Germain on July 27, 2020 at 7:25 am

    Strong foundation! So good Trent.

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