The Five Daily Actions for Great Nutrition

Excerpt from Unlock the Five Doors to Your Best Body by Trent Mitchell, M.S., C.S.C.S. 


Now that you’re physically active, you’ll need the proper nutrition. Don’t panic…this isn’t another fanatical diet plan. This is about learning how to eat for the purpose of fueling your body while satisfying your taste buds! 


I learned lots of valuable “life lessons” from my high school football coach Richard Ledford. Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) was one of my favorites from a man I highly respected and admired. 


“If it’s too complicated, it won’t work,” he’d often loudly exclaim. Although Coach Ledford didn’t invent the KISS principle, he did pass it on to us knuckleheads on the M.D. Collins, Cougar football team. 


I designed my nutritional system using the KISS principal and, best of all….IT WORKS! The Five Daily Actions for Great Nutrition discussed within will… 


  • Provide the energy you’ll need for productive workouts, daily activities and vocation. 
  • Control and balance hormonal responses to food, i.e. insulin, glucagon. 
  • Support lean muscular weight.  
  • Decrease body fat stores. 


You won’t be weighing your food or meticulously counting calories. Our lives are just too busy for that kind of tedious chore. And, per Coach Ledford, the more complicated you make something, the less prone you are to stick with it. 


So, learn and conscientiously apply the Five Daily Actions for Great Nutrition and watch your transformation take place. 

Losing and Managing Your Body Weight is an Age Old Dilemma 


Nutritional experts say it’s a simple mathematical problem of too many calories in and not enough calories out. I only agree with that in part. 


Factors that influence weight gain include genetics, hormonal activity, gender, medications, age, as well as many others. I believe the biggest missing link is STRENGTH TRAINING EXERCISE. We simply don’t do enough exercise that creates muscle tone and strength, especially as we age.  


Those who don’t participate in some type of strength training regime can expect to lose approximately two percent of their muscle mass each decade according to a study conducted by Charles P. Lambert, Ph.D. and William J. Evans, Ph.D., “Effects of Aging and Resistance Training on Determinants of Muscle Strength”, that appeared in the Journal of American Aging Association in 2002.  


Consequently, life without regular vigorous exercise leads to metabolic disorders as we age, decrease strength leading to sarcopenia (loss of muscle mass) and, the saddest news is that we’re even seeing these same disorders in very young children. 


Some experts say that we’re living in an age where we’ll outlive our children. Next time you’re out, take a look around at people. It will be immediately evident how serious this problem is. 


You may be struggling with weight issues right now. Your inability to control your eating has been out of hand for some time and the emotional pain that comes with it can be unbearable. 


Like a Merry Go Round, you start out trying to make healthy changes only to find yourself right back where you started, making the wrong choices. 


Note: Don’t worry, we’ll soon get to the 5 Daily Actions!

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(to be continued)

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